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“I recommend Lily Whiteman’s services to anyone who wants to explain technical information in straightforward, interesting prose.”

Ray Kurzweil, Expert on artificial intelligence; Recipient of the National Medal of Technology, the nation's highest honor in technology; Best-selling author of The Age of Spiritual Machines

“An investment that will deliver big returns every time you write.”

Richard Cherwitz, Ph.D., Associate Dean of Graduate Studies/Director of the Intellectual Entrepreneurship Program, University of Texas at Austin

“[A] deft presentation, humorous asides, and hands-on exercises. Lily Whiteman inspired each of us to further the cause of plain language in our daily work.”

Science Editor (Published by the Council Of Science Editors)

“A gifted communicator shares the tricks of her trade!”

Kelly Paisley, Communications Director of Vice-President Al Gore’s National Partnership For Reinventing Government


“Lily Whiteman helped me write reports so that everyone from the most technical academics to lay people can understand my specialized research. Consider me a very satisfied client.”

– An Environmental Protection Specialist

“Before you coached me, I was flailing around in the dark. I didn’t know what to say or how to say it. You really showed me the light.”

– A Biologist

“Thanks so much, Lily, for helping me to achieve my career goals!”

– An Ecologist

“I’ve used other editors before. But they only gave me very superficial advice. With your in-depth advice, I was able to design reports and oral presentations that crisply conveyed my results.”

– An Industrial Psychologist

“By working with you, I learned how to analyze my audience and tailor my documents to their needs. My boss told me that the trip report that you helped me write was the best he had ever seen!”

– A Structural Engineer

“Lily Whiteman worked magic on my resume. She designed my resume to look attractive and sing out my achievements loud and clear.”

– A Federal Program Manager

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